Consultation Fees:

Initial consultations, by telephone, by e-mail or in-person, are charged as follows:

  • Consultations fees for Partners David Goren and Andrew Barreto are $300. Consultations for all associate attorneys are $250.

This charge will be deducted from your case fee should you hire the Office to represent you.

  • To arrange for an initial consultation by telephone or in person: Call the Office receptionist and make an appointment. Phone Number: (301) 588-8066

  • If you will be conferring by telephone, please call in your credit card info or mail the initial money order so that it arrives at least a day before your appointment.

  • If you will be conferring in person, please bring your credit card or payment of cash, or money order with you to your appointment. No personal checks.

  • If you will be conferring by e-mail, please call in your credit card or mail the money order, including your e-mail address and we will contact you by e-mail.

  • Skype Consultations are also available after making an appointment and paying the consultation fee. The Skype address is DGA-Office.





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